¿Qué hace el condado de Sonoma en una crisis? 

Nos cuidamos el uno al otro.

La misión del Feed It Forward >> Sonoma County  es apoyar a nuestros vecinos y restaurantes familiares a través del patrocinio anónimo de comidas para personas sin trabajo durante la pandemia de Covid-19. 
2021 Update- FIF is closed now, but please check out these websites for Covid-19 related financial and food help in Sonoma County: 
Redwood Empire Food Bank 
Community Action Partnership

Hey Y'all! We're wrapping up Feed It Forward. Just wanted to give a final accounting of how we spent the money entrusted to us by this amazing community.

Our donations total was $40,812. We spent 6% ($2422.35) on the website, stamps, paper supplies, gas, credit card processing fees and a Thank You brunch for the volunteers. The other 94% of the donation money ($38,389.65) was spent directly on buying gift cards from restaurants in Sonoma County.

We've given out 1,134 gift cards ranging in value from $10-$100, most of them $40. They went to:

425 to individuals through the website

100 to the Graton Day Labor Center

50 to feed downtown SR homeless

30 to YWCA Safe House & Special Place programs

100 to Social Advocates for Youth

25 to SAY Meal Train Program

150 to CAP Sonoma Covid Relief Program & Women's Shelters

53 to The Living Room Shelter for Women and Children

61 to COTS Homeless Shelter

40 to Sebastopol Community Church's Covid Relief Program

100 to Sonoma County Council on Aging

We owe a big fat THANK YOU to all the wonderful folks in our community who supported this project with their money, their time, or their resources. Here in Sonoma County, we look out for each other!

We are wrapping FIF up because we are pooped and need to attend to other things, not because we think there is no longer a need to help those who are struggling. Please check our website for some info about other places to get help. https://www.feeditforwardsonomacounty.org/

¿Cuál es el concepto de "Pagar a futuro"?
Todos somos, en un momento u otro, el receptor de la bondad cuando realmente la necesitamos. Si pagamos esta bondad en adelante estamos haciendo una buen causa para otra persona cuando podamos, la bondad sigue extendiéndose como un efecto ondulado y hace de nuestro mundo un lugar más hermoso y amoroso.
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Nuestro impresionante grupo de voluntarios del Condado de Sonoma, que nunca han estado en la misma habitación todos juntos a la vez.  Kristy, Kim, Roger, Andrea, Brenda, Liz, Laurie Lynn, Lisa y Roxanne.